Thank you for introducing me to Lavande au Soleil.  I am impressed with your Jasmine Face Cream.  I am surprised and happy with the results I am receiving from using the Sore Muscle Salve.  I have been applying it to my varicose veins since purchasing it in March 2013 and I can see a significant change in the blood vessels of the varicose veins.  Not only has the Sore Muscle Salve helped with the arthritis but now I can tell you the ache in my legs has diminished.  Thank you so much for developing your products.

Aryls C. – Denver, Colorado


I am absolutely in love with all my new products from Lavande au Soleil!  The Lavender Foaming Cleanser is so soft and leaves my face “squeaky” clean, but not dry.  I love that foam!  Both the Geranium Face Cream and the Jasmine Face Cream feel so wonderful – it is a difficult decision to make as to which one to wear.  I often switch between morning and night applications and it only takes a fingertip to “feel the glow”!  The Jasmine Dry Oil is a terrific product for those dry spots especially around my eyes and it feels so decadent!  My grandson has a habit of biting his lower lip and has developed a rash from it.  The Dream Balm is helping to heal his rash without the burning from chemicals in other products that we have tried.  Ah – the Citrus Body Butter is so delicious, I can’t believe it is not fattening!  It is amazing and softens the skin immediately.  I am a true believer in your organic skincare line.  No more Lancome, Estee Lauder or Clinique for me.  Thank you for your research and efforts you have put into perfecting these wonderful organic creations.  I am going to try them all!

A fan and a follower – Jeanne Baird, Denver, Colorado


I was AMAZED when I tried Lavande au Soleil’s face cream.  My face simply glowed!  This morning I looked in the mirror and gasped a little with surprise.  My face looks fantastic.  I looked like I had just fallen in love.  I have not had this kind of glow in YEARS!  No, check that–decades.  This is, hands down, the best face moisturizer I’ve ever used.

Ms. Johnson – Denver, Colorado


I know you don’t necessarily want your Lavender Body Butter to be thought of as a healing type thing, but once again, it worked for me.  About three weeks ago, I was pouring boiling caramel into pans and the pan slipped.  I stopped it from hitting the floor, but it splashed onto my thumb causing a 2nd degree burn.  I lost a lot of skin and I knew when it grew back, it might be tight skin since scarring is never the same as “the original”.  After the burn stopped “weeping”, I started using a dab of your Lavender Body Butter under the bandaid.  It not only healed faster than I anticipated (I’m a slow healer), but my thumb has the flexibility it used to have.  People should check with their doctors before doing this.  Mine said to use an antisceptic cream until healing had begun, so I didn’t start using the Lavender Body Butter until about a week after I “saved the floor, but not my thumb”.

Ms. Moore – Ames, Iowa


While vacationing in Iowa and Colorado this summer, I got badly sunburned. Since I did not carry any aloe vera with me, I used Lavande au Soleil’s Lavender Body Butter on the sunburns. Wow – they healed with no itching, no peeling and they turned into a nice tan! I highly recommend Lavande au Soleil’s Lavender Body Butter!

K.L. – Denver, Colorado


I have been using the Honey Lavender Lip Balm on a daily basis and I love it!  My lips have been so dry and chapped.  I love the scent and it does not take very much to go a long way unlike most lip balms you buy.  I also like that I can put lipstick or lip gloss on over the lip balm and it stays on.  I have also used the Dream Balm.  I love the cool sensation when applied and the scent is wonderful.  I had a bad headache and I put this on the base of my neck and temples as the directions suggested and I noticed that my headache subsided.  Keep up the wonderful products!

Valerie B. – Fordland, Missouri


I live in Iowa, where it’s dry (and cold!) in the winter.  I often develop deep cracks near my thumbnails that are extremely painful.  When I received my order of Lavender Body Butter, I decided to try it at night on my hands.  After using it for two evenings, I noticed that my thumbs weren’t hurting any longer.  Sure enough, they had started to heal, and today they’re fine.  I have also used it sparingly under my eyes and it has made a difference in the fine lines that “women of a certain age” seem to get.  This product has exceeded my expectations in just a few weeks.

Deb M. – Huxley, Iowa


I received my order of the Rose Gift Set and the Citrus Body Butter on Saturday. This is Monday night and I am a believer! The Dream Balm is the best I have tried! The Citrus Body Butter is in my purse! The Rose Gift set is a fun gift to give and receive – reasonable enough for Christmas stockings and to keep on hand for that forgotten birthday or “thank you” present. I just ordered another. Melissa, keep up the fabulous work. You have a winner in your midst.

A fan, Jeanne Baird – Denver, Colorado


My favorite Lavande au Soleil product is the Honey Lavender Lip Balm. I love opening the lid to the inviting aroma of the sweetness of honey and the brightness and earthiness of lavender (from France! oo la la!). What a great combination! I love the smooth, moist consistency of the lip balm and the natural ingredients allow my skin to breathe and to feel good about the conscious choice I have made to protect my lips with a quality product. My husband and I have also used the Sore Muscle Salve on tight, achy shoulders, painful lower back and sore forearms. We especially enjoy the natural ingredients and the aroma is a delight. Great, smooth, moist texture and a pleasure to use. The Salve relaxed our muscles and was soothing.

Kelly C. – Denver, Colorado


I love the Lavender Face Mist! I currently use Retin-A to treat acne and hyper-pigmentation spots on my cheeks. The combination of Colorado’s arid climate and the medication made my skin feel flaky, dry and irritated. I’ve tried a lot products on the market so was a little skeptical of Lavande au Soleil’s Lavender Face Mist at first. After the third day of use, I noticed my skin feeling more supple and just overall refreshed. The smell is so soothing. I use it in the evening after applying Retin-A. I also keep it at my desk as a refresher spritz before touching up makeup on nights when I go directly from the office to a function. I recommend this product for anyone looking to hydrate their skin on the go or just to enjoy the soothing smell of lavender!

Lynne D. – Denver, Colorado


I used the Sore Muscle Salve after skiing in Colorado on my legs especially. It is truly amazing to have results so quick. Within an hour after skiing all day, I noticed a huge difference in how my legs felt from previous years skiing. The salve is so smooth and actually warms up your muscles helping them to relax and be a lot less sore. I have also been using the Honey Lavender Lip Balm and love it….it’s nice to know I’m putting something all natural on my lips without any petroleum. It keeps my lips from drying out and chapping. It doesn’t have to be applied as often as the normal Blistex so that’s a bonus!!

Tam O. – Omaha, Nebraska


My daughter gave me the Dream Balm as a Christmas gift since I have trouble falling asleep. It helped me relax so I can fall asleep and get a good nights rest. It’s been a good thing for me.

Gloria S. – Gilbertville, Iowa


Always a skeptic about the latest creams and butters, I’ve found I cannot be so with the Lavande au Soleil Rose Hand Cream. The cream’s soft aroma and smooth absorption leave my skin soft and moisturized. I know I’ll be able to maintain healthier skin for years to come with this cream. I also love the Bain Revitalisant Rose (Uplifting Rose Bath Soak). Its aroma is subtle, but absolutely lovely and elegant and the soak always leaves my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Nora Johnson – Denver, Colorado


I purchased the Lavender Body Butter and the Rose Hand Cream at the Lavande au Soleil launch party in Denver. Both products provide much-needed skin nourishment in Denver’s arid climate. I enjoy the subtle perfumes of the body butter and hand cream, and I appreciate how quickly they spread on my skin. Congratulations on creating these products and I wish you every success.

Gai S. – Denver, Colorado


I love all the products included in the Cream Gift Set. It gave me an opportunity to try 4 amazing skin care items. The Rose Hand Cream makes my dry hands exceptionally soft and I adore the gentle rose sent of it. The Citrus Body Butter is very refreshing and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and light. The Lavender Body Butter is relaxing. The Sore Muscle Salve is the perfect skin care after a busy day. These wonderful products are a luxury treat for my body.

Svoboda B. – Centennial, Colorado


When I use the Honey Lavender Lip Balm in the evening before I go to bed, it smoothes and moisturizes my lips all night long and I wake up with softer, more kissable lips. The Uplifting Rose Bath Soak and the Refreshing Citrus Bath Soak are wonderfully refreshing and calming at the same time – they both have lovely smells (reminiscent of my childhood) and are soft on my skin. I am comforted knowing that all Lavande au Soleil products have no harsh chemicals in them, and that Melissa Young has worked to create such an earth- and body-friendly line of products. Thank you.

Lynn S. – Denver, Colorado


If you enjoy the rose scent, you will love the Lavande au Soleil Rose Gift Set. I tried the Rose Hand Cream and the Rose Bath Soak and enjoyed them both. The hand cream doesn’t have that artificial overpowering smell that many other scented lotions have. Its scent is very fresh and natural. And most importantly, it absorbs into the skin very well leaving it smooth and silky soft. The bath soak has pieces of dry rose petals, which smell wonderfully when soaked in the water. The only down part is that you have to rinse the bath tub after each use since the flowers stick to the walls, but the bath time experience with the beautiful rose scent makes it all worth it! I also highly recommend the Dream Balm. After a long, stressful day, I like to put just a dab of it on my temples before I go to bed and it really helps me to relax. It has a hint of chamomile, lavender and roses – I would smother my whole body in it if I could!

Anastasia K. – Golden, Colorado


The Geranium and Lavender Face Mists are two of my favorite skin toners. I always carry them in my purse, and I use them any time my skin feels “thirsty”. The mists hydrate and soothe skin instantly, and smell wonderful too!!! I love the fact that I can easily use them over the make-up without melting it away. Very nice, high quality products.

L.K. – Paris, France


I purchased the Sore Muscle Salve for my husband to use. He is a welder and had sore muscles from the back of his neck to his shoulder blades due to overuse and bending. The Sore Muscle Salve gradually relaxed the muscles so they weren’t so tense. I also used the product on my hands as they “ached” all the time from arthritis and the salve gradually took away the “ache”. I swear by Lavande au Soleil’s Sore Muscle Salve!

Hazel W. – Algona, Iowa


How often do you find something as healthy as a salad but feels like indulging in dessert? Lavande au Soleil provides me more than luxuriant skin-care products. The natural ingredients work beautifully on my skin—better than anything I’ve used before! Even better, the tailored aromatherapy encourages my heart, mind, and spirit. No matter what is going on in my hectic world, Lavande au Soleil gives me a natural and easy way to care for myself.

Karla J. – Denver, Colorado


I was in a nearly fatal, head-on car accident in December 2010. The dashboard of the vehicle, in which I was a passenger, was shoved up and over the left side of my body. My left hip was dislocated and the socket was smashed into three pieces. One metacarpal of my left hand was fractured and my right hand was fractured in two places. I had eight broken ribs and extensive, deep bruising mainly on my left side. I also had deep contusions on my head, face and eyes, a broken nose, and a lacerated lip, which needed 8 stitches. I began using the Sore Muscle Salve while I was in the rehabilitation center for the extensive bruising and tissue trauma. I requested that my nurses’ aides and occupational therapist apply it daily to my legs, shoulders and back, and I applied it to my arms and upper body. The Sore Muscle Salve has helped most of the contusions heal from green/yellow/black to purple and blue fading over a period of about 2 ½ months. I have developed a hematoma in my left breast due to the deep tissue trauma of the seat belt and as of today (April 2011) I continue to use the Sore Muscle Salve to help with healing this hematoma, as well as the painful tenderness in my breast, and that in my left hip, both knees and left calf. I will be using the Lavande au Soleil Sore Muscle Salve as long as I am in physical therapy and for any muscle pain thereafter!

Although, I had used the Lavender Body Butter previous to my accident and found it to be an excellent healer of my skin’s “Michigan winter dryness”, it was “put to the test” after my accident. I was unable to shower for almost two weeks while I was in the hospital and the rehabilitation center, both of which had extremely de-humidified environments. I asked my occupational therapist and nurses’ aides to apply the Lavender Body Butter following my sponge baths and it really moisturized my skin when applied daily. Even after I was able to return home to a more humid environment, I was unable to shower for another 6 weeks, so I applied the Lavender Body Butter daily to my hands and to my feet, especially, which were terribly dry and really needed a pedicure! Although the dry, callused skin on my feet was thick, the Lavender Body Butter kept the skin moist and pliable. When I was finally able to take a shower, after I was able to put weight on my hands, I was able to give my right foot a nice pedicure then apply the Lavender Body Butter to keep the skin moist. Unfortunately, it took a little longer for me to be able to spread the Lavender Body Butter on my left foot, but I am happy to report that the skin on both feet is now happily moist once again!

I had also used the Honey Lavender Lip Balm prior to the accident, but once again being in the extremely de-humidified hospital and rehab settings, it was also “put to the test”. In 21 days, I went through two containers of the Honey Lavender Lip Balm! Since I had a lacerated, stitched lip, the last thing I wanted/needed to use was a product with chemicals in it – which was what the hospital supplied. Thank goodness my family brought along a supply of the Honey Lavender Lip Balm! It truly is the “bees’ knees” as far as my lips, as well as those of my 6 year-old son, are concerned. His lips also succumb to that “Michigan winter dryness” and he much prefers the “taste” and “feel” of the Honey Lavender Lip Balm over any other product we’ve tried!

Monica – Michigan